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Sad to announce that due to lack of time, will shut down on February 28th.

Make sure you use the migration tools provided in your user area to move your account to another :mastodon: instance before that date.

Friendly reminder: Self-promo post are not allowed on the instance. Don't worry, there are plenty of other social networks available for those. 🌈 Thank you! 🌈

🎉 #Mastodon 2.6.0 is out! 🎉

- Link ownership verification
- Redesigned forms
- Revamped DMs column
- In-stream link previews
- More tootctl utilities for admins
- Improved admin UIs

And a load of bug fixes! 🐘

You can report inappropriate toots to the instance moderators. We care.

:birdsite: refugee PSA!
Here's what to CW!
•graphic violence or gore
•sexual content/nudity
•hate topics (racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia/etc)
•depression/suicide/mental health
•flashing video/gifs
•drug/alcohol use
I know that list seems long, but you'll get used to it soon enough!

🎉 Mastodon 2.5.0 🎉



- Federation relays
- New profile design
- Remote interaction dialog
- Replies count in web UI
- Feature friends on profile
- Higher video upload limit
- Improved mod tools
- Admin dashboard
- Read-replica support
- Command-line interface

This instance does not tolerate harassment or hate speech of any kind. For that reason, we fully support and implement the @blockchain to prevent abusive or hateful instances from connecting with our users.

Cage the Mastodon: An overview of features for dealing with abuse and harassment

Don't do self-promo posts for your podcast, :soundcloud: or DJ gig here... there are tons of other places (fb, :birdsite: or insta) better suited for this already. is for discussions, not promos. 🌈 🌈

🎉 #Mastodon v2.4.2 is out:

- Invite autofollow option
- Language filter opt-in
- Default posting language
- "Find friends" link
- dat, ipfs protocols autolinked
- Other fixes and improvements

The Mastodon bridge tool has got a facelift!

You can sign in with Twitter and Mastodon to find Twitter friends in the fediverse. You can also send it to your Twitter friends, as it will show them their friends on Mastodon and point them to where they could make an account!

🎉 #Mastodon v2.4.1 is out:

- Delete & Redraft for toots
- Improved e-mail validation to fight spammers
- Improved block/mute behaviours
- More unicode emojis! 🐺
- Important database schema fixes
- Performance improvements 🚀

As of :mastodon: 2.4.0, you can now set links with custom labels on your profile page!

There are plenty of great clients on iOS/Android for Mastodon.

Find more of them here:

or here:

Beware of Tootdon as it currently archives your Toots in order to implement some of its functionality.

It's always nice to post a quick introduction when you join a new instance and tell people more about yourself.

You can use the hashtags

I love that all urls take 23 characters of your 500 limit, regardless of actual url length. This means there's absolutely no need to use url shorteners on masto. I bet this isn't widely known, so let this be a #tootorial for you.

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