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I'm posting this early so that I don't forget tomorrow. This is only on Bandcamp it seems but don't sleep on it, it's a genuine :banger:


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To celebrate International Women’s Day,
I am proud to present my partner’s Etsy boutique

She is a multidisciplinary artist, student, mom, and recently launched her boutique specializing in wall hangings.

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Good Morning , today is my birthday, buy me a cake or just follow <3

Good morning , I'm going to post a couple of Spotify playlists posted by my friends on FB... rock on 🤟

Who should I follow to get some music/sets recommendation? @damien

True fact: I thought it will be cooler that my Mastodon account will be assosiated with @djs.social then @mastodon.technology so I had to create a second account :O

Hello world! I'm bay area based musician, software engineer, synth nerd, signal processing nerd, video nerd. Lots of love to share. Social media stole my voice, happy to be here on the Mastodon sphere


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