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Two weeks in the hole with this stupid refactor. I hate software development sometimes.

I'm posting this early so that I don't forget tomorrow. This is only on Bandcamp it seems but don't sleep on it, it's a genuine :banger:

Should be receiving the second DZ1200 tomorrow. I'm guessing my CDJ2000nxs2 will be on eBay soon-ish...

I should be cleaning my 🚴🏻‍♂️ today, but I'm stuck refactoring.

Let's kick this refactor in the ass today. But first ☕️...

Any US company that has its support in India basically doesn't care about their customers or has never tried to call their own support to realize how painful it is to be understood by and to understand the person trying to help you.

If you are going to need help from AT&T on your mobile plan, make sure you save at least an hour of your time and be ready to repeat the same information 3-4 times.

They are born with spirits so innocent, t'ill we teach them how to hate. Add to the world's confusion, we teach our kids rules we never do adhere to. Right or wrong, what examples can they take? The people we learn from, forge the adults we become...

We are in a race between education and catastrophy...

Putting the delete button next to the edit button in the :rekordbox: sampler is borderline criminal.

Success!!! Got a :serato: noise map burnt onto a CD (remember those?) and now the DZ1200 is driving a :rekordbox: deck 😍

This is a franken-setup if I've ever seen one, Technics deck, playing a :serato: noise map to :rekordbox: and out to a :xone: mixer. Brilliant!

Apparently full-stack nowadays means everything above the applications running on a web server. That's quite a bit of stack left under there, you know?

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