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Don't want promos in your feed? You can use filters ( to filter out any posts with the hashtag 🌈 🌈

The @user_count bot is back again. Give him a few days to catch up on his dataset and his graphs will be as beautiful as ever.

If you are posting promos to your tracks, podcasts or mixes be kind to other users who might want to filter that out and use the hashtag in your post.

@Django I'm not closing down anymore. I'm going to rac the rules and grow it bigger.

Tour de Palm Springs on Saturday, Breathless Agony in April, l'Étape California in June and the real Étape du Tour in France in July. Big rides ahead! 🚴💪🏻😍

Got most of the missing stuff to finish plugging crate drag and drop but now I've hit a memory corruption bug so that will have to be sorted out first. It's never easy.

Ok, open registration is back on. Let's see how this goes.

We may have a solution to the bot accounts by switching the hosting plan and only paying for active users. If this works then I will re-open the instance for new users.

Caught up with the blockchain, now it's on to finishing crate drag and drops for 2.1.

Gotta catch up on the blockchain today... joys of being the admin.

I think I've said it before but all pictures on @PixelFed should be using a square aspect ration. Just because.

...or not. Posting from Safari on iOS seems to work fine.

The more you know, @PixelFed fully federates now so you can just follow @damien directly from :mastodon: in order to see my pictures and my posts all in one place.

Pretty neat! Now I need a pixelfed iOS client.

Every now and then I want to set aside some time and learn more web-dev stuff. But then I realize that if I had that kind of time, I would probably prefer to spend it porting FS-UAE to iOS.

I know why I envy projects like @PixelFed or @Mastodon: I miss shipping stuff. Been working on 2.1 for so long that I miss the excitement of working toward and then shipping new builds on a regular basis.

I need to get that 2.1 out the door and then work on much more incremental releases to get the excitement back.

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