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I went full Phil and bought all the vinyls I had to rip that were available in digital. Now I've got about half left to rip and it's starting today, courtesy of the :xone: 96 sweet phono preamps...

Sale is still on! Don't miss your chance to get the Mastodon client with the largest number of Elephant Friends in it for 50% off, if you are a Tumblr refugee!

If you are not, you can lie and say that you are and get it for 50% off anyway.

Actually, nobody is going to be asking. You will only have to lie to yourself.

Decided to arrange a welcome for Tumblr refugees, so Toot! is 50% off on the App Store today! Grab it now if you haven't - this is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as any future sale will not be the same sale as this one, which is the Tumblr refugee sale.

Go go go!

It's a good client. It's the best client. Well, it is at least the client with the most secret easter egg games.

still a light little hum on the right SL1200 but I think that's a flaky connection on the ground wire. Can't be bothered to re-open it tonight so it will have to wait. Left one is perfect!

FIXED! Bottom line is, internal grounding on an SL1200 doesn't work. This guys explains why and helped me figure out the fix (hint: got rid of the internal grounding).

Update: The grounding cable arrived today but does not fix the hum. On top of that I can't reproduce my temp fix using an RCA lead as a grounding cable anymore. Something is amiss. Back to square one.

To A&E's credit, they sent me a really thorough reply this morning and are now looking into it. Respect.

Hey look! I committed 10 new lines of code... yay! :party_parrot:

Hey it's 3pm and I'm finally able to start coding after all the support/housekeeping/crap.

Joy. 😡

So Phil says don't rip your vinyls and just buy them again in digital. Thoughts?

I've ordered two ground lead replacements on amazon and will be externally grounding the turntables again moving forward.

DJ Henray was super helpful with this. A&E seemed to have been their usual 'it's not us it's you' support philosophy. They are lucky their mixer rocks.

UPDATE: I jerry rigged a fix to verify an hypothesis and it turns out the outer (ground) connection of the phono RCAs on the 96 are not grounded properly. Those are connected to the ground on the 1200 (that's the internal grounding method) but the 96 requires the turntable ground to also be connected to its grounding pin which leads me to believe that they don't connect the RCA ground with the mixer ground on the phone inputs. UNLIKE EVERY OTHER MIXER ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET :blobpats:

Asked A&H and Henray about it. Hopefully a fix is coming soon.

It seems like both 1200s (modified to be self grounded) have a hum when plugged into the :xone: 96. The DJM didn't have that problem. Anyone has experience with diagnostic/fixing this?

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