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One of my fav producer of late who I discovered originally via the awesome Pont Neuf Records label. I'm picking this track out but the whole release is quality.

Who is opening a bottle of 🍷 tonight to make it thru the 🗳 results? Just me?

Another great update by @tootapp (I'm already using the dark :mastodon: theme and loving it).

Well, the setup is ready now I just need to make the time to start playing some records again.

I'm moving away from having a work laptop in order to force myself to only work from the office. This may finally lead to real holidays where I'm not spending my time working. Fingers crossed.

Now I need to wait on decksaver to make a cover for the 96.

I didn't realize that the 'master' level LEDs on the 96 actually show you cue levels when a cue is selected. Interesting.

Someone tells the A&E specialist dude that he's wasting his time running the :xone: 96 at 48Khz in external mixer mode. His track files are not going to magically up sample by themselves.

And it brings a big smile on my face right away, it's like the 92 without the sucky parts. LOVE IT! ❤️ 💕 💗

Congrats to @tootapp on shipping 1.0! I speak from experience, shipping is always quite a journey. Well done 👍🏻🎉🍾

Seems fitting after my last post that I find myself in Chicago for the week-end.

I was blessed/lucky to have this track in my crates over the last couple of years and have been playing it a lot as a tribute. Now you can too:

AKA the last track that Frankie ever played. 😢

Am I the only one who thinks that streaming music during your DJ set is dumb? Is everyone forgetting that the most important part of our job is collecting and curating?

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