I'm slowly realizing that my setup is geared toward one thing only in order to sound decent: riding the pitch to beatmatch records.

I have a LOT of practice ahead of me.

@damien it's a very satisfyingly skill though! Almost feel like magician when I mix that way

@I_Newton I have a really hard time resetting the pitch back when I try to nudge up or down. If I need on record to catch up and nudge up, I can never put the pitch slider back in the exact same position after nudging up.

The DJ Tutor guy makes it look so easy...


There's a strange amount of muscle memory required I agree!


Strangely, I actually improved a lot when I started doing the rubix cube!

@I_Newton wouldn't it be nice if we got more tutorials online about that instead of 'how to get Spotify to choose your songs for you'?


I agree! I've only found 2. And one was by a guy saying he'd invented it

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