Is it me or does the bpm sync in :rekordbox: get 'stuck' sometimes and can't be turned off?

@damien what software is that, don't recognise the pic reference

@damien ah, that the Pioneer one is it? I use serato. Still fairly new to the digital world mind

@damien I am yeah. Though truth be told, I'm just getting back into the swing of things, had to sell my decks a few years back and could only afford a new set at Xmas. Decided to go for a 4 channel controller rather than straight up mixer and dive right into the 21st century πŸ˜‚. Yourself?

@Martin_J I run 4 decks into :rekordbox: all via DVS. Currently two of the decks are SL1200mk5s and the other two are SL-DZ1200s that I got off eBay.

@damien sweet! I had the mk5s myself, saddly can't afford them again so making do with a 1 Numark TT250USB (handles like a belt drive) and a NTX1000 (steady as rock) . How do you find the DVS setup? Do the vinyl last long?

@Martin_J yeah I haven't had any go bad but then again I don't play all day long either.

@Martin_J @damien yes I still have mk5 happy when I see the price now 600 ten years ago piece

@damien yes in Rk the sync is on the bpm a's not on the groove if I can say the best way is disconect sync or using algorithm of Traktor who is for me the best sync algorythm

@Cellophane Actually I'm talking about a big where bpm syncing stays on even though the UI says it's off.

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