The E-Economy is a wonderful thing. And by wonderful thing I mean a outreageous cesspool infected shit show. It’s one thing to be evil, it’s another to pretend otherwise but still be evil. anyone who tells me how wonderful E-Economy is, I always point out “yeah, when it works”. None of these companies (AirBnb, eBay, DoorDash, etc...) ever have a plan when things go south with their customers. The answer is more or less always “tough shit”.

Had an AirBnb host cancel on us a week before we we due to arrive in Paris (funnily enough because they were illegally renting their apartment and Paris was starting to crack down on those idiots). AirBnb’s answer: “Tough Shit”.


Had a guy buy an iPhone 8 off me on eBay, broke the screen upon receiving the phone and managed to get it refunded and sent back to me as if I had shipped it broken. eBay’s answer: “Tough shit”.

Dan Lyons nails it in this book by the way, all these 'companies' are not there to make a product or make the world better. They only have one real purpose, be a financial instrument so that founders can get criminally wealthy and investors can make a 10x return in their money. It's got nothing to do with making the world a better place and everything to do with the exact opposite.

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