Merry Xmas to all! New year is approaching and my main 2019 resolution is to focus even more of my time on a core set of things that matter the most to me.

I don't want to suffer through this change of priorities so I'm looking to hand over the site to someone who is able to devote the time that it deserves to it. I'm ready transfer the admin account and the domain for free but the hosting account currently costs €10 a month. Whoever wants to run the site needs to take that over too.

Serious inquiries only. DM me if you have any questions or if you are interested.

I’ve made the site invitation only until a new owner/admin steps forward. If no one is interested, the site will close March 31st 2019 which is why I don’t want a lot of new signings if the site doesn’t remain beyond that date.

I will be updating people here on a regular basis, just to make sure people can make arrangements on transferring their account to other instances if need be.


This a sad news. Hopefully someone will pull through.

I personally think it will be a perfect extension for DJ WORX....

@I_Newton I'm sure someone will in some shape or fashion. I'm going to focus on the forums and the Discord server for Next, and spend time with the fam instead of on my phone :)

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