Does anyone know of a reliable way to access files off a USB stick from an iOS device? That could come in useful in the future.

This looks interesting:

SanDisk 64GB Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive - Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 - SDWS4-064G-G46

Got a 64Gb one for $20. It seems like WebDav access is read only 🤬 but the web interface does allow you to create folders and upload files. If I can reverse-engineer the API for this, things could be VERY interesting.

Found another type, the XPand that plugs in the lighting port and DOES have an SDK to access the files.

Now all I need is some free time. Oh wait...

@damien Pretty sure an OTG connector will let iOS read flash drives.

@astromech it's very hit and miss (some drives draw too much power) and this only works in the camera and files app for importing/viewing. I want something that has full read/write access from any app on the phone.

@damien Wouldn't that be an issue with the app rather than the external drive? If the app isn't written to support external storage, it just won't see it, regardless if it's hooked up or not?

@astromech it's an issue with Apple SDK for accessing external storage. There isn't one so the only apps that do it are Apple's and the ones that have their own proprietary solution.

I want to get to the data from code.

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