Good ripping session today. Got a few more to do over the week-end and then I'll wait until I've added that batch cleanly in my collection before ripping some more.


I'm always interesting in peoples ripping process'...

What's your method?

@I_Newton I aim for the shortest signal path with the least amount of noise amplification. I record straight from USB1/2 from the xone (before any channel gain or fader is applied to the signal). On the turntable I have an Arkiv stylus, a cork mat and a mastersound weight.


Sounds professional!

How about cleaning up the audio? What do you plan to use?

@I_Newton I have RX4 for any big cracks and pop but apart from that I don't touch the audio.

@damien do you not even amplify before adding into your library?

@I_Newton if you amplify the signal you amplify the noise too so I prefer not to do that in the recording itself. If needed, I do that with the channel gain when playing the track. It's pretty much the same result but at least I don't have the amplification baked in forever in the file.

As a side note, the high gain pre-amps on the 96 are absolutely wonderful. You really get pretty loud input from there. Comparable to the USB inputs.


This is good to know. I have a ton on vinyl to rip in the near future

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