Update: The grounding cable arrived today but does not fix the hum. On top of that I can't reproduce my temp fix using an RCA lead as a grounding cable anymore. Something is amiss. Back to square one.


It may not be the same but I had a similar issue with my DDJ-1000. Only from the left speaker though.

It was killing me for months.

Turned out it was my iMac. When using my MacBook it's perfect.

@I_Newton good suggestion. Unfortunately in my case I've already disconnected everything from the mixer but the turntable, just to make sure it didn't come from somewhere else.

@damien It's clear that the 96 is too much of a mixer for you. Perhaps you'd be safer with the training wheels of the Pioneer DJ range, and leave the 96 to the big boys like @astromech and myself.

@astromech @damien People will still be able to see you using your pro level lollipop even if they can't see your gear.

@mark @astromech and I'm sure you're suggesting I should send you my 96 to make sure I don't get hurt?

@damien @mark You were lucky to get it so quickly! I'm on the waiting list for February, now...

@damien @astromech Not at all. You should keep it so that you have something to aspire to, perhaps to update your webcam stand.

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