So Phil says don't rip your vinyls and just buy them again in digital. Thoughts?


Most of my vinyl never made it to digital do I have no choice!

@I_Newton a lot of mine too, that's kind of the point, having tracks that most people don't have but I think Phil is missing that point.

@damien There's also the magic of a vinyl only set. Knowing that a single spec of dust can ruin your while mix in a split second

@I_Newton @damien Hogwash. Most vinyl sounds terrible vs well mastered digital. You get more 'warmth' and character from analogue signal path in the mixer-to-speaker.

@astromech @damien

You will get a 'cleaner' sound yes. But where I'm coming from is with vinyl you get to hear the imperfections which for me, personally, improves the experience.

It's like going to see a singer live. The album will sound MUCH better but people want the real experience.

@I_Newton @damien Crackles and skips improve your experience?

"This omelette is tasty! Especially the bit of shell you left in!"

@astromech @I_Newton by definition you also get what some people call warmth from the analogue signal path from the cartridge thru the RCAA pre-amp too.

@damien @astromech @I_Newton In future, we will handwrite all our articles to preserve the warmth. Distribution will be an issue of course.

If only there was a way to reproduce handwritten copy and let everyone around the world have access to it.

@mark @astromech @I_Newton cut off the writers hand I say and deliver that. Although, the warmth would last very long. πŸ€”

@damien @astromech @I_Newton In partial seriousness, we did kick around the idea of doing an "issue" of DJWORX like an old fanzine, even to the point of getting an old typewriter for authenticity. Definitely the analogue equivalent of what we do now.

@damien @I_Newton He didn't say that. He said don't waste time digitising all your records when you can buy most of them as pristine files. Only digitise those you can't buy, and that you want to keep on file.

@astromech @damien @I_Newton Isn't digitising technically illegal though? We licence music in different formats, thus copying vinyl makes it an unlicensed rip, rather than a legally purchased digital version.


Most labels on Bandcamp let you download lossless digital copies when you buy the vinyl from them - then you get the best of both worlds!

But TBH I usually only buy records if they're not available in digital.

@homefries I just remembered that last night and re-downloaded some of my band camp purchases.

@damien Higher quality audio on digital, unless you want to spend 5 hours in Ableton Mastering

@djking101 I would never touch an already mastered vinyl myself... there's like only 10 people in the world who know how to master properly and I'm not one of them.

@damien Oh yeah that is my first post as well on this instance!

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