It seems like both 1200s (modified to be self grounded) have a hum when plugged into the :xone: 96. The DJM didn't have that problem. Anyone has experience with diagnostic/fixing this?

Asked A&H and Henray about it. Hopefully a fix is coming soon.


UPDATE: I jerry rigged a fix to verify an hypothesis and it turns out the outer (ground) connection of the phono RCAs on the 96 are not grounded properly. Those are connected to the ground on the 1200 (that's the internal grounding method) but the 96 requires the turntable ground to also be connected to its grounding pin which leads me to believe that they don't connect the RCA ground with the mixer ground on the phone inputs. UNLIKE EVERY OTHER MIXER ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET :blobpats:

I've ordered two ground lead replacements on amazon and will be externally grounding the turntables again moving forward.

DJ Henray was super helpful with this. A&E seemed to have been their usual 'it's not us it's you' support philosophy. They are lucky their mixer rocks.

To A&E's credit, they sent me a really thorough reply this morning and are now looking into it. Respect.

@damien It is funny to me that you call them A&E. That's accident and emergency over here.

@damien @astromech Yeah D++ can be hard to get your head around. πŸ˜‚

@damien So what you're saying is that your manually modded user hacked warranty invalidating 1200s don't work with the 96, but regular unmodded as God intended 1200s with an earth wire do? Those charlatans at A&H need exposing. Down with this sort of thing. 😜

@mark @damien I'm sure Pioneer have been following expected standards to the letter throughout their mixer products.

@astromech @mark I'm actually not sure if there is any official standard but I can only notice that it looks like most mixers (the 92 included) seem to connect both grounds between their phono RCA inputs and their ground pin and my 96 (at least) doesn't.

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