I know the no-self-promo thing will be controversial and I know some people will be turned off but this but I strongly believe this is the right move.

Show me your skills as a DJ by showing me the music you love. Show me that you can find, curate be a tastemaker. Anyone can mix, anyone can do a jesus pose, anyone can record a set.

If I want to hear you play, I'll come listen to you live. It's better anyway.


I'm personally all for this!

I've enjoyed engaging with others on here, taking part in brief debates and sharing experiences.

Makes a change not to feel obliged to listen / like / share someone's latest mixcloud addition.

Bravo. 👌🏻

@damien I like this policy. I stopped going to most forums because self promoting signatures took up more screen space than the comments, and took a dogs age to load.

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