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Should have done this a while ago but better late than never, here is my .

I'm an ex-game developer and co-founder of Ready At Dawn Studios. I'm now an indie developer and the founder of Next Audio Labs which make apps for DJs and musicians.

I'm the admin of which is aiming to be a community for DJs and an active part of the fediverse. I like riding bicycles, whether on the road or down a mountain and used to race BMX.

I'm a professional bedroom DJ and I love music.

A&H started putting some tutorial videos on the :xone: 96 on their youtube channel.

Love me some big milestones. One more step closer.

Working on a minimal web site for my DJing stuff. Single page, just simple HTML and CSS, self-hosted.

That is tomorrow. I'm posting this here as a reminder to myself.

The irony of me saying this is not lost on me. Believe me.

If you guys are wondering why the @usercount bot has these huge blobs on the left hand side of the graph, it's because it hasn't been run in a while. All will return to normal after it runs regularly for the next few days.

Oh yeah, my little friend the @usercount bot is back online on his brand new server. I just love the little guy.

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I may have mentioned this before but if you want to follow people on instagram, :birdsite:, youtube, :soundcloud: or newsites without being tracked, withouts ads and without needing an account on those platforms then the combination of something like and is a gift from the internet gods.

Keeps the feed in chronological order, keeps it all in one place without having to jump between sites and you can even save posts to read later.

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