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Should have done this a while ago but better late than never, here is my .

I'm an ex-game developer and co-founder of Ready At Dawn Studios. I'm now an indie developer and the founder of Next Audio Labs which make apps for DJs and musicians.

I'm the admin of which is aiming to be a community for DJs and an active part of the fediverse. I like riding bicycles, whether on the road or down a mountain and used to race BMX.

I'm a professional bedroom DJ and I love music.

Sad to announce that due to lack of time, will shut down on February 28th.

Make sure you use the migration tools provided in your user area to move your account to another :mastodon: instance before that date.

no one seems to be stepping forward so this instance is stil scheduled to close on February 28th.

Plan accordingly.

I’ve made the site invitation only until a new owner/admin steps forward. If no one is interested, the site will close March 31st 2019 which is why I don’t want a lot of new signings if the site doesn’t remain beyond that date.

I will be updating people here on a regular basis, just to make sure people can make arrangements on transferring their account to other instances if need be.

Friendly reminder: Self-promo post are not allowed on the instance. Don't worry, there are plenty of other social networks available for those. 🌈 Thank you! 🌈

Serious inquiries only. DM me if you have any questions or if you are interested.

Merry Xmas to all! New year is approaching and my main 2019 resolution is to focus even more of my time on a core set of things that matter the most to me.

I don't want to suffer through this change of priorities so I'm looking to hand over the site to someone who is able to devote the time that it deserves to it. I'm ready transfer the admin account and the domain for free but the hosting account currently costs €10 a month. Whoever wants to run the site needs to take that over too.

Loads of gems in that vinyl pile. Trying to get through a few a day and I get to listen to them in the background while I work... 😍

Found another type, the XPand that plugs in the lighting port and DOES have an SDK to access the files.

Now all I need is some free time. Oh wait...

Got a 64Gb one for $20. It seems like WebDav access is read only 🤬 but the web interface does allow you to create folders and upload files. If I can reverse-engineer the API for this, things could be VERY interesting.

and..... deck savers now makes a cover for the :xone: 96. My life is complete again!

Rippapalooza round two... Trying to make a dent in the pile of vinyls.

This looks interesting:

SanDisk 64GB Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive - Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 - SDWS4-064G-G46

Does anyone know of a reliable way to access files off a USB stick from an iOS device? That could come in useful in the future.

...but this give me the opportunity to test the iPad-only/laptop-less mobile office.

Catching up on support tickets at the local coffee house. There’s always something to do.

Good ripping session today. Got a few more to do over the week-end and then I'll wait until I've added that batch cleanly in my collection before ripping some more.

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