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Should have done this a while ago but better late than never, here is my .

I'm an ex-game developer and co-founder of Ready At Dawn Studios. I'm now an indie developer and the founder of Next Audio Labs which make apps for DJs and musicians.

I'm the admin of djs.social which is aiming to be a community for DJs and an active part of the fediverse. I like riding bicycles, whether on the road or down a mountain and used to race BMX.

I'm a professional bedroom DJ and I love music.

Happy FΓͺte de la Musique everyone! Go play some records!

It's gonna be a few late nights this week and next. Fighting the good fight though... feels good.

Back on track with code that actually gets me closer to the next build... yay!

I love that :mastodon: is not about following 'celebs' or stupidly following everyone in sight in the hope of getting more followers. It's not a popularity contest, it's about exchanging as peers and contributing something of value to the community.

For all that other stuff, there's a :birdsite: for that.

So when is someone getting a hold of a Xone 96 then?

Establish boundaries and stick to them.

Love that @Purism have their own :mastodon: instance.

@todd needs to post more often though.

So the routing is interesting, could do the radio show very easily with samples on a USB return and the mic on one of the analogue return. Love the USBs at the back which means they can stay plugged in. Always loved pre EQ cueing. 4 band EQ is fun. Always on master insert from already analogue signal is great. Analogue internal processing with that Xone sound is good.

I know it's going to happen. You know it's going to happen.

It's going to happen.

Logo Contest Update: The contest has been extended another week! Please thumbs up the entries you like the most!


All of a sudden I’m realizing E3 is going on right now... how times have changed.

How much can I sell a slightly used DJM900nxs2 for? πŸ€”πŸ€­πŸ€«

You don’t need to be rekordbox certified right? Any mixer/soundcard will work right? @astromech @mark @arkaei

My buddy Hector Romero's monthly show The Network is getting bigger and bigger. Do yourself a favor and go listen to some at thefunktionhouse.com/thenetwor

'minimising' the notorious pop??? So it's still there @astromech ?