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Here is my .

I'm an ex-game developer and co-founder of Ready At Dawn Studios. I'm currently an indie developer, founder of Next Audio Labs® and creator of the Rekord Buddy® app for DJs.

I ride bicycles, mostly on the road or in Zwift nowadays but I used to also ride mountain bikes and raced BMX for years.

I'm a professional bedroom DJ and I host a semi-regular web-radio show named Damien Plays Records.

One thing this week as taught me is that I need to be more pro-actively platform agnostic in order to keep with my core principles and be able to offer a true alternative.

Beyond Traxsource, DJCity, BPM Supreme or Beatport, what other stores or record pools do you guys use or know of for DJ music?

Still trying to focus on positive things today (instead of the ongoing 💩-show), I think the forums are going to be a great replacement for the support ticketing-system. The convenience alone will be very worth it and it aligns with my values of transparency with users.

Just a song quote. Things are still shit show level 10 right now.

Storm watch 2019 in southern california right now. What is this wet stuff falling from the sky??? 🌧 ☔️ 😱

"Et tu fais quoi dans la vie ?
- Je rend le monde fabuleux"


Ce n'est pas un trésor qui se trouve au bout de l'arc-en-ciel !


One great thing about my move to Paris this summer is that I'll be able to hit the reset button on all this invasive home-tech that started up as 'life-improving' devices and ended up as creepy spy-tech nightmares.

I'm looking at you Eero, Ring, Nest, Withing...

Trying the big experiment of moving all support onto a public forum. One one hand, it will be a great resource all in one place with transparency and community involvement. On the other hand, it's the internet.

Just to remind myself that it's not all bad, today I found and fixed the reason why I couldn't mock methods returning variants of non-default constructible objects. That C++ crap drives me crazy but in that case, I prevailed! 💪🏻

Tired. Maybe getting sick. Still reeling from recent events. Ugh. 🤕

Hey Linux Fediverse, what do you recommend for incremental whole machine (including system files) backups? Something like Time Capsule but for Linux.

Interesting that my retail therapy is bike clothing now...

To mention a user on your instance you only need to @ the username. To mention a user on another instance you need to @ their full address (their username AND their instance name).

Protip: If you right click on a user and choose 'mention...' it will do the right thing for you.

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