Late to the show, but dropped this on Friday at our semi-regular night.

Anastasia Kristensen | Boiler Room x Present Perfect Festival

This mix is a bit mentile.

You can almost smell the Vaporub from here...

"Whistle crew in the place."

Another white whale for me. First heard on a Stu Allan set from 1993. Utter rave filth.

For a long time, this was my white whale. I first heard it in a DJ Hype set from 1997.

I love watching routine breakdown videos. Even when it isn't my sort of music...

So, I'm currently working on a present for my sister's birthday... Doing up a cheap Rubies Mk XLVI Iron Man helmet. Fibreglass, repainted, added lenses.

And the X is 0.01 thicker. What a piece of shit.

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