Baloji - Peau de Chagrin / Bleu de Nuit (Musicv video is a feast for the senses) Show more

If you are posting promos to your tracks, podcasts or mixes be kind to other users who might want to filter that out and use the hashtag in your post.

What’s your problem buddy, you can’t read the directive?
Sounds like your looking for an instance ban!

Only downside would be keeping the collection in sync!

Finally plugged a USB drive into my modem and tested UPnP with VLC on iOS.
Very respectable performance!

Got followed by 3 bots from today. Seems the whole instance is blocked from

FYI: if in your bio you have the keyword , the bots shouldn't follow you !

House music has a long history with this semi-monologue format. This one is recent but no less classic!

@Django mixcloud does a good job for mixes, more for original stuff, not quite ready to release to Bandcamp, bootlegs, etc is a social network by DJs for DJs. It's like Twitter...but without the BS. The community centers around DJs and DJing. We are non-profit so you can be sure you data will always remain yours and will never be sold to anyone. The site is actively moderated so we keep the trolls at bay.